Natural ingredients, simple recipes, award-winning fresh milk. 

We make no fuss, darn good ice cream the old-fashioned way. There’s no skimping on what makes ice cream great, and we don’t add anything that shouldn’t be there. With happy, healthy cows, you don’t need to. It’s as simple as that.

Premium, Homemade Ice Cream

Quality over quantity is our motto. We dedicate our attention to making sure that every batch of our ice cream meets our very high standards for taste, feel, and overall experience. In doing so, it just so happens that several of our flavors are technically considered to be frozen custard (a style of ice cream) due to the ratio of particular ingredients. Hey, that’s okay with us. As long as it’s creamy, delicious and smooth, we’re sure you’ll be calling all of our flavors “darn good.”


Gigi’s Chocolate Ganache
Intense and robust chocolate frozen custard.
*Also available in dairy-free.




Creamy, smooth and luxurious. 



Coco’s Coffee
Vanilla base frozen custard with serious buzz.


Our Flavors 

Maple Caramel
Mint Chip
Whoopie Pie
Chocolate Cherry
Coffee cookies and cream
Cookies and cream
Peanut Butter

Seasonal Flavors

Velvet Elephant
Maple Nog
Apple Cider Cheesecake
Dumpster Fire Smores
WFH Coffee Heath
Mango Creamsicle
Wish’s Lemon Sunrise
Cookie Doe
Wild Blackberry
Peppermint Bark

Cold Treats

Floats – featuring Capt’n Eli’s Soda
Pothole Filler – Frozen custard sandwiched between two apple cider doughnuts from Ricker Hill Orchards

Check back often for updates as we expand our menu!

All frozen custard is served in a waffle cone, or a dish.

Hot Treats


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Saturday + Sunday, 12-6pm

Grab and Go Hours:
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7 Days a Week, 12-6pm

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Gold Winner, National Dairy Quality Awards

We were recently recognized for the very best in quality milk production. The goal of the NDQA program is to honor dairy producers from across the United States who have successfully placed high priority on producing milk of the highest quality.

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